FINEBox™ + Inverse FINEBox

Non-Linear High Power Box Design Program & inverse FINEBox

Non-Linear High Power Box Design Program. Now with Inverse FINEBox.  

Simulation of Voice Coil Temperature and Compression at High Power in closed Box, Reflex, ABR, Band-pass and Inter-Port alignments.

All Non-Linear T/S parameters + Thermal data can be imported directly from FINEMotor. Multiple drivers and Ports/ABR’s.

Find ideal driver TS parameters in a given box volume, or for a given F3 frequency (-3dB point)

For Hi-Fi, PA, Headphones and Micro loudspeakers.

6.5" Woofer: Normal air gap
6.5" Woofer: Tight air gap + Ferrofluid
Inverse FINEBox