Test & Measurement



The modern Audio Analyzer System



Based on customer reactions Peter Larsen realized in 2011 that he could expand the measuring system to include all the daily loudspeaker measurements in the lab. The intuitive FINE R+D system uses the same FINE hardware as FINE QC, providing an R&D system with all advanced features like up to 16 anechoic FFT measurements, TS parameters, SPL and Impedance with phase, Harmonic distortion, Waterfall, RTA and numerous curve splice/averaging options. The latest version even saves the Time data so the engineer can change the FTT window and other settings later, giving unseen flexibility.

FINE R+D is the last element in the FINE Circle, which connects all the design software and measuring systems together forming a total development and test system for loudspeakers, headphones and micro speakers.

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