Peter Larsen

Peter Larsen, B.Sc. EE. started his career with SEAS in 1974 and was Chief Engineer for Vifa-Speak 1979-1987. Thereafter Dynaudio 1987-1990 and JBL in USA until 1993

From 1993 Peter Larsen has worked as an independent consultant for leading loudspeaker factories all over the world: Audax in France, KEF Audio in UK, Goldmax in China, Vifa-Speak in Denmark, Peerless Fabrikkerne of India, NXT in UK, Microlab in China, Apple in USA and many others. 

During the period as an independent consultant Peter Larsen has specialized in in-depth analysis of loudspeakers and manufacturing techniques, research concerning new components and materials, advanced Acoustic Finite Element modelling, new measuring methods, novel speaker design concepts and development of several customized products (private label).

During the same period Peter Larsen has developed and marketed globally special software for speaker development and design.

The Titanium Driver Award recognizes a specific technical contribution, accomplishment or expertise in the loudspeaker industry.

Peter Larsen, President of LOUDSOFT, Ltd., received this award at the annual ALMA symposium in Las Vegas January 2012. He received the award for his constant effort and expertise within the driver development and his hunt for better speaker designs for the loudspeaker industry worldwide.

Since 1974 Peter Larsen has designed drivers for Vifa, Dynaudio, JBL, KEF and many other driver manufacturers, but the most impressive invention was the Ring Radiator, created one Friday afternoon because of coincidence, curiosity and skills. The Ring Radiator today is used in thousands of loudspeaker system all over creating a sublime sound.
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