LOUDSOFT is exhibiting at ISEAT conference, China 4-5 Nov. 2019.

Download slides from LOUDSOFT News presentation 2019 at AISE (ALMA) in Orlando:

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2nd License with 75% Discount!

When the same company (on the same Company site) wants to buy programs for more engineers you will be able to save 75% on the 2nd and following licenses!

RUN all LOUDSOFT programs on Mac!

Mac, MacBook, or iMac can run Windows10 on parallel desktop. This will run all LOUDSOFT software including FINE R+D and FINE QC

FINE QC 2019 + Automation Module

The new FINE Qc is based on the new FINE hardware 3. It performs QC testing of Loudspeaker Drivers and -systems, (incl. Bluetooth +Micro), Microphones, Crossovers & Amplifiers. The new Automation module is used for seamless interfacing with automatic production lines.  For Automatic End Of Line (EOL) testing.


Due to the excellent characteristics of the new FINE hardware 3, all inputs AND outputs are BALANCED. This means that testing of Amplifiers and crossovers can be done without the usual hum and noise problems.


Normal QC systems use the PC for all measurements. In FINE QC 2019 ALL measurements are done by the FINE Hardware 3, and only the RESULTS are sent to the PC. This means that extremely accurate low Latency Bluetooth measurements are possible as standard.

FINE R+D)) 2019  -  100kHz

The new FINE R+D can sample at 48, 96 and 192 kHz, and measures SPL and impedance up to ~100 kHz. Amplifiers, microphones and crossovers can be directly measured. It performs High Accuracy impedance measurements in 2 modes: LO (Low current), HI (High current). 

FINE R+D saves ALL time data so the engineer can change the FTT window and other settings later, giving unseen flexibility. Also Polar plots, Contour plots and automatic conversion from measured frequency responses are included. The new Normalisation Mode is ideal for Microphone measurements and relative SPL responses.

Demo Video


  NEW  FINE Hardware 3:

  1. 3 Microphone input channels with selectable 48V Phantom power

  2. Main amplifier 25W, balanced

  3. XLR balanced Line Out

  4. Built-in power supply

Factory calibrated.

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The new FINE R+D Viewer can do ALL as FINE R+D does, except measuring.
It is a valuable tool for viewing and calculating ALL responses and data from FINE R+D and most other sources

  • DRAG responses between FINE R+D Viewer and FINE R+D (incl. ALL Time data)

  • View all measurements / curves from FINE R+D and perform ALL calculations

  • Frequency range up to ~100 kHz. 

  • Saved Time Measurements: The user can change Window + Smoothing again and again

  • ​View Real Time Analyser - RTA

  • Ideal for transferring and arranging data to and from FINE R+D.

    Price: 500€


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NEW Digital X-over software 


Intuitive Digital Speaker Design: Developed from FINE X-over

Parametric EQ, Bandpass, Shelving filters all with adjustable Q and slope, high order crossovers and delays by mouse wheel / clicks.

On-axis and up to 6 off-axis responses can be optimized  with acoustical phase in real time.

Actual Power / Excursion limits instantly as the new SOA (Safe Operating Area) for loudspeaker drivers. Digital and analog levels calculated preventing overload both for Analog and Digital levels.

Simulation of hybrid crossovers containing both a passive X-over circuit as well as Digital EQ by DSP. Extremely useful when using just one amplifier, for keeping costs down.


FINE DSP Intro (0.6 Mb)

Windows 10 Update error

Note: The latest Windows 10 update has caused that FINEMotor will not run. We have already made an updated install which fixes the problem. Please request this by email to dl@loudsoft.com

FINE QC Headphone Test + Noise Cancel

The new FINE 
QC / Headphone can test a headphone in 1 second, including Left-Right difference and Rub & Buzz for both. 

The test cycle can now include Noise Cancel Test, both passive and active.

LOUDSOFT is the proud winner of:

Best Audio Equipment Testing Solutions Provider 2016 &
Most Trusted Speaker & Headset Test System: FINE QC™
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