FINE R+D))™ Viewer
The modern Acoustic Audio Analyzer System


FINE R+D Viewer:
View all measurements / curves from FINE R+D and perform ALL calculations. DRAG responses between FINE R+D Viewer and FINE R+D (incl. ALL Time data). Send out up to 16 responses, TS parameters, distortion and waterfall etc. in ONE document to your customers! 

Price: 500€

The FINE R+D FFT system performs all anechoic acoustic measurements on loudspeaker systems, woofers, midranges, tweeters, compression drivers, headphones, headphone speakers, headsets and micro speakers.


The intuitive FINE R+D system uses the same FINE hardware as FINE QC, providing an R&D system with all advanced features such as up to 16 anechoic FFT measurements, T-S parameters, SPL, and impedance with phase, harmonic distortion, waterfall, real-time analysis (RTA), and numerous curve splice/averaging options.

The latest version even saves the time data so the engineer can change the FTT window and other settings later, giving unseen flexibility. 



You can download a very basic FINE R+D Viewer version. This version can ONLY display what was saved exactly in the FRD file

Download the FREE FINE R+D Viewer: Here

Demo Video


DRAG responses between FINE R+D Viewer and FINE R+D (incl. ALL Time data)
View all measurements / curves from FINE R+D and perform ALL calculations
Frequency range up to ~100 kHz. 
Saved Time Measurements: The user can change Window + Smoothing again and again
View Real Time Analyser - RTA
View LO (Low current) and HI (High current) Impedance curves
THD and 2nd to 9th Harmonic Distortion
Waterfall plots
Polar and Contour plots with drag and drop incr. +/-1, +/-5, +/-10, +/-15, +/-20, +/-30, +/-45 deg.
View Cross-over and Amplifier measurements
Combine bass reflex and woofer measurements
Curve Averaging, Offset and Splicing with level tracking
Calculate precise Thiele/Small Parameters from impedance curve(s)
Preview & Drag & drop files from/to Klippel / LMS / VACS / MLSSA etc.
Show Distance calculation (in Auto Delay)
Improved PRINT w/ customizable Logo
Windows 7 / 8 / 10 – 64 bits compatible
Display Relative Microphone measurements (relative to Ref mic)
Download FINE R+D Manual (2.7 Mb)

Time Window- without / w Reflections
THD and 1 - 9th Harmonics
TS Paramters
RTA Real Time Analyzer
Bass Reflex: Port + woofer

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