NEW Digital X-over software



Intuitive Digital Speaker Design: Developed from FINE X-over

Parametric EQ, Bandpass, Shelving filters all with adjustable Q and slope, high order crossovers and delays by mouse wheel / clicks.

On-axis and up to 6 off-axis responses can be optimized  with acoustical phase in real time.

Actual Power / Excursion limits instantly as the new SOA (Safe Operating Area) for loudspeaker drivers. Digital and analog levels calculated preventing overload both for Analog and Digital levels.

Simulation of hybrid crossovers containing both a passive X-over circuit as well as Digital EQ by DSP. Extremely useful when using just one amplifier, for keeping costs down.

Demo Video

Download FINE DSP Features (0.4 Mb)


•    Intuitive “drag and drop”-interface

•    Up to 7 on/off-axis responses can be optimized in real time with acoustical phase 

•    Parametric EQ, Bandpass and Shelving filters with mouse adjustable Q and gain 

•    High order crossovers with mouse wheel up/down X-over frequency in real time
•    Actual Power / Excursion limits SOA (Safe Operating Area) for loudspeaker drivers.

•    Driver Digital Delay as Time / Distance or Digital samples

•    Digital x-over and EQ can be simulated together with passive components

•    Hybrid: One amplifier with DSP + passive X-over components for sections

•    Real power sent to each driver is calculated and power/excursion limits are displayed

•    No. of Digital Biquad’s and Biquad Coefficients b0, b1, b2, a1, a2 export to amps.

•    All values can be changed using mouse wheel for real time fine tuning

FINE DSP Tutorial-Manual (1.1 Mb)
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