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When Peter Larsen joined Dynaudio in 1988, he was facing the challenge to design woofers with extremely large Voice Coils. As he was unsure how to calculate the basic parameters for these drivers he decided to develop some software specifically for this purpose.

Also wanting to be able to optimize the Voice Coil and magnet for the best performance he therefore calculated SPL and TS parameters for each available wire diameter using a fixed DCR and magnet size. That was a lot of data, so in order to gain a better overview he plotted the SPL and Qts versus the Voice Coil winding width for each solution. Using the plotted graph it was easy to select the solution which gave a satisfactory SPL plus Xmax and Qts.

In 1994, Peter asked Bob Harris from KEF in UK to program this in C++ as WinMotor, which could run on Microsoft Windows platforms.

Later the program was renamed as FINEMotor and is still based on the main principle by plotting all parameters for each wire diameter, stored in an editable database. In 2014 FINEMotor has passed 1000 licenses as the Industry standard for loudspeaker motor design.

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