Non-Linear High Power Box Design Program


Simulation of Voice Coil Temperature and Compression at High Power in closed Box, Reflex, ABR, Band-pass and Inter-Port alignments.

All Non-Linear T/S parameters + Thermal data can be imported directly from FINEMotor. Multiple drivers and Ports/ABR's


For Hi-Fi, PA, Headphones and Micro loudspeakers

Demo Video

Download FINEBox Tutorial (2.4 Mb)

  • Micro Speaker Simulation
  • 3D Display with “Glass” layer Time Response selection
  • Real Time “Volume Control” Slider Input: Vrms, Wrms versus distance
  • Closed Box, Bass Reflex, Band Pass, InterPort etc.
  • All Non-Linear T/S pars/Thermal data can be imported from FINEMotor
  • Dynamic Excursion, Vent Speed, Impedance responses
  • Power compression is calculated at any power level and time
  • Ferrofluid Cooling calculation 
  • Advanced Thermal model predicts heating of voice coil and motor
  • View Cone Displacement, Reflex and InterPort speeds at any power level
  • Easy-to-use Software with practical features
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