FINE X-over™


Intuitive X-over Design at your fingertips

FINE X-over is the ideal program for optimising your loudspeaker system. Use the mouse-wheel to roll through standard E24 components and see the response change immediately.



Or let the Intelligent Optimiser find the best flat response while keeping the minimum impedance and calculating the real power in all components.


Demo video

Download FINE X-over Tutorial (2.0 Mb)

  • Intelligent Optimiser for Response
  • Automatic minimum X-over Impedance limit
  • Use mouse-wheel to roll through standard E24/E12 components and see the response change immediately
  • Automatic Power Calculation of each component
  • Preview of LMS, MLSSA, KLIPPEL, SOUNDCHECK etc. driver response & impedance files
  • Asymmetric LP and HP filter slopes + different acoustic slopes
  • Cascaded sections i.e. 2nd Woofer can be tap from 1st
  • Time / Distance Compensation
  • Variable Target with slopes

Point to pictures

Optimized Woofer Section
Optimized Midrange Section
Midrange Target
Select / Preview of Files
3-way X-over with Delays
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