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In 2007 FINE QC End of Line Test system was introduced. Having worked in the loudspeaker industry since 1974 Peter Larsen was frustrated over the lack of good QC test solutions. The existing systems on the market were all designed by electronic engineers, had interesting features, but lacking the real necessary features required in loudspeaker production.

Inspired by MLSSA, FINE QC was developed using the Farina Sine sweep method. The FFT based system can therefore exclude reflections, eliminating the need for an anechoic chamber. The system also introduced a number of Firsts: Automatic Golden Average Speaker finding, which saves days of work measuring and comparing samples, FINE Hardware with microphone + AD/DA and Power Amp providing simultaneous SPL & impedance Test w/o switching and the unique FINEBuzz algorithm. This is based on Danish Research which found a new principle for Rub & Buzz detection using a combined harmonics and transient method. The latest version has replaced human testing of micro speakers in China, and will do a complete test including Rub & Buzz in 0.5-1 second. 

FINE QC is now getting extremely popular in the Industry, also because all measured data are automatically saved for Statistics. Interestingly some of these features have later been adopted by the competition except FINEBuzz.


The intuitive FINE R+D was introduced in 2011 and is the last element in the FINE Circle, which connects all the design software and measuring systems together forming a total development and test system for loudspeakers, headphones and micro speakers.

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